Boondock Saints

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Oct 10, 2003
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Anyone know where I might find an uncut, English 5.1, anamorphic version of this film for sale? I've heard the German version is a good bet but I can't find anywhere to buy it from! If anyone knows of another version that I may be able to find fairly easily then please let me know. Not interested in the UK release though!

Originally posted by FoxyMulder
This site is handy for telling you which versions are unedited.

The info there is wrong, they seem to have got the R1 USA and R2 UK releases mixed up.

I own both, and the UK one featurs heavy cuts - lots of blood edited out in various scenes. Most notably in the Rocco/Lakeview scene, and the Hotel/Brothers/Rope scene.

The US NC-17 version isn't cut at all.
I sure hope they aren't wrong on any other titles yikesss :(
Would anyone care to enlighten me regarding this film? I've never heard of it before.
What's NC-17? Is that some kind of US clasification? I managed to get a US version from a guy trading on Amazon but it's rated R. It has the same cover as the one in the link but no mention of NC-17 anywhere!

In answer to your question Figgy D, the film is about 2 brothers who decide to rid their town of the lowlife scum after a run in with the Russian maffia. It's very violent but also funny and well worth seeing. I'd never heard of it either until last week when a mate came back from Germany raving about it. One of the best films I've seen in ages!

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