Boomy bass vs punchy bass


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Hi all
I already had 2 LG subwoofers with this specs:
Driver = 8"
Output Power = 150w (RMS) - 300 w (Peak)
88 dB
Frequency Response = 35 Hz to 200 Hz

I sold 2 LG subwoofers and buy a Pioneer S-RS3SW subwoofer with this specs:
Driver = 12"
Output Power = 200w (RMS, 100kHz, THD 10%) - 330w (Peak)
Frequency Response = 27 Hz - 1 kHz

With the LGs I felt some of "Hoooommm..." sound in the room. But the Pioneer has a punchy bass (not boomy), so that I feel the bass blows in my chest! (With LGs I didn't feel like that). The LGs in most low frequencies, always played a single sound. But the Pioneer played different sounds at different frequencies. In sum, the Pioneer's sound is more accurate, clearer and more powerful than 2 LGs.

But there is a problem!

When I had LGs, the sound of GODZILLA steps was very strong and tightly, but now with the Pioneer it feels a little less. There is also the same thing about the sound of Spacecraft and etc.

What do you think is because?
Is this problem solved with using 2 Pioneer subwoofers?


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Buy a subwoofer from a company that just makes subwoofers. Even the smallest offerings will wipe the floor with the examples above and leave you grinning.
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