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bookshelfs for 200 pounds


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Hi everyone!

I'm building my the first system for my apartments living room. The room is divided in two areas, the dining and the lounge area. The speakers are to be located in the lounge area. I think the total room size is about 35 sq meters. the lounge area is half. This will be used 80% for movies and 20% for music, but i really enjoy good musical speakers.

The amp will be either a Yamaha RX-V465, the Denon 1610 or something along that budget.

For now i have a 200 pound budget for the 2 front speakers, later i will add the rest until i have a 5.1 system. What's my best bet?

I have narrowed down the list to:
- Q-Acoustics 2020 (The best looks, size and good price)
- Wharfedale 10.1
- XTZ 93WMT (Unsure about the look, unsure about the 5.1 system layout)

Are the XTZ worth the premium over the other two?


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Have you considered the Mordaunt Short Aviano 1s?

Personally, I rate them just as good as, if not better than the Wharfedale Diamond 10.1s, and they cost the same. I've also listened to the Q-Acoustics, and they aren't as good as the MS or Wharfedales. The highs are slightly sweeter on the Wharfedales, whilst on the Avianos, the bass is punchier and nicer. More inviting, so to speak. It's down to opinion, but if I were you, I would go listen to them in a shop (Richer Sounds, for example) and get an idea of what you're buying. The fact remains that buying speakers online without taking them for a test run is not a good idea. Ever.

I haven't tried the XTZs.

Also, do take into account that both the Diamonds and Avianos sound A LOT better on decent speaker stands, so I recommend looking into them if you haven't already.


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Thanks for the input!

I haven't considered the MS, i'll try and see how they stack up to the wharfedales.

I'll try and audition them, but to be honest i don't really trust my ears in a 1 or 2 minute trial made under pressure!


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The QA 2020s are really meant to be run with a sub, as they don't have a very good lowfrequency response (64HZ)

The Aviano1s go down lower (55HZ) so would be better for initially running without a sub.

If you can strech to it, the Aviano 2s can be had for £250 and go down to 45Hz


mordaunt short do pair well with Yamaha amps.

the Diamond 10.1s go down to 48HZ, but they will give a warmer sound with the Yamaha amp (which is warm sounding to start with). The Wharfedale/Yamaha combo would be too warm for me, but sound preferences do vary so try to demo both the Wharfdale and Avianos if you can.

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