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Looking at a new system for a room we are doing up but the system must most definately fit around the furniture not the other way around. SWMBO has spoken!

The sideboard the system will fit into will have 3 open areas at the top of it which will house the unit itself (pretty much decided on a Marantz CR502) with speakers either side. The problem is that these spaces are around 50cm wide (no problem) and 27cm tall (problem). I've looked around at speakers to fit into this space and the only well thought of ones I've found are the Wharfedale Diamond 10.0s, the 10.1s are just a few mills to tall.

So I have 2 questions, firstly are there any others out there I should consider and secondly is it a definite no-no to put them on their sides and benefit from the oblong shape of the space I have to use? I know the Wharfedales are curved so you can't go on their sides anyway but a more traditional box could.


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Okay so maybe nobody has anything so say on small speakers but SURELY somebody out there can say whether a speaker will perform just as well / almost as well on its side.....or have I just uttered some cardinal sin that shall not be spoken? :D


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I once used a pair of bookshelf speakers on their side when space was tight in a bedsit and they were fine.
Maybe go for a demo and ask to audition them in both positions.
If you get this :eek: response, then yes could have just uttered a cardinal sin. :rotfl:

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