Bookshelf speakers for DN1040?


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Hello all,

I'm a newbie who's diving into the world of 'proper' speakers and amps. My sound system has so far been the TV's integrated speakers - i'm looking to upgrade and would appreciate some advice on a 5.1 surround sound setup for my living room.

Receiver - I'm after a receiver that also allows a second zone output as I wish to hook up the amp to a stereo speaker in the 2nd floor bathroom - the DN1040/1050 appears to tick those boxes and the former has good reviews.

Speakers - The dimensions of the 5.1 speakers are restricted due to orders from above (the wife), so i'm considering bookshelf speakers in lieu of floorstanders. The QA 2000i 5.1 package looks nice (with the fronts replaced with 2020i's), and again has good reviews.

I've demo'd the QA 2000i speakers and it sounds fine to me. At this price range (circa £700) i'm assuming that whatever speakers I get I won't be disappointed, especially as I'm trading up from TV integrated speakers.

Does anyone here think I'm committing any major faux pas here with this pairing of receiver and speakers?


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The QA speakers will work very well with the Sony receiver you have mentioned so no worries there. For the price you will not get another speaker set that is a significant improvement over them either.
You are aware that the second zone on the Sony (and on a lot of receivers) only works with analogue inputs to the receiver so anything connected via optical, coaxial or HDMI can not be played on the second zone.


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Thanks for the reply - i'm aware of the second zone limitations, which is why i'm contemplating getting the dn1050 (for an extra £200!) as a safeguard/futureproofing measure.

I'm happy to consider speakers more expensive than the QA2000i pack at £700, if for say another £100 or £200 more I'm getting better value for the cost.

I'm hoping that I only need to buy these products once, then bask in the reflected envy of all around me


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Unless you increase your speaker budget to well over the £1k mark you will not get a significant improvement over the QA speakers you are already looking at.
What does the 1050 have over the 1040 that makes it more futureproof to you? Receiver technology moves pretty quickly so within a year or so even the 1050 will be 'obsolete' due to a new 'must have' feature. So the extra £200 may not be worth it to be honest.

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