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Jul 11, 2003
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Hi all,

Been away from hifi for a long while for various reasons. Now looking to revamp my setup. Currently looking to change my speakers. I love my Ruark Contemporary R's but the Prelude R floorstanders are no longer 'convenient' in my new barn conversion. The new front mains will have to sit on shelves with their backs to the wall (stone). So, I'm looking for something that will match the Preludes in that setting. Budget is up to £1k. I have a Ruark sub so really looking for bookshelf speakers that are fantastic in stereo but don't mind beig right up against a wall.

B+W 805's and 705's have been mentioned. Anyone recommend me a good list to start auditioning?
I bought the B&W 705 and one of the reasons for choosing those speakers was that they worked well close to walls. Not an optimal placing but moving was just too much work :)

I looked at Dynaudio, Dali, Audiovector and Canton. My highly personal observation was that speakers with the base port on the back are more sensitive to being placed close to walls.

I noticed that you have the Denon 3803, my experience is that this amp is not powerful enough to drive the 705s
Dynaudio make a least one speaker that is actually designed to be wall mounted. IIRC they are the 42W. I use mine as rear surrounds but they sound very nice as main speakers as well.
Well, I am sure you can see who I am a fan of. I actually preferred the Audience 42 to the 52...Seemed to sound less "muddy" in stereo. Yes, rear ported (bungs supplied, best without though), but get the position right they sound great, and none of this bi-wiring malarkey either... You could also look at the Audience 52SE, as well as the new Focus (used to be Contour I think) series but then i imagine the budget will be blown
The 42W are front ported BTW - IIRC same volume as the normal 42 speakers but wider and not as deep. Not sure on price but I think they were £500 ish + or - £100.

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