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I've recently purchased some Orb Audio MOD2 speakers for use in our kitchen, largely because they look nice and a massively higher WAF than the previous Mission bookshelves (can't remember the model but about 20 years old).

However, sound wise they really don't compare to the old Missions and it's largely due to a lack of bass. So, I don't really have room to add a proper subwoofer but I could probably squeeze one of the Missions out of sight somewhere and I was wondering whether it would be feasible to wire in a separate low frequency subwoofer crossover and connect it to one of the Missions.

I know it won't give me the sort of bass that a proper sub would give but it might help 'fill' the sound out a bit.

So, does anyone think I'm wasting my time or would it work?

Thanks in advance.



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I can't think of a simple way of doing it with just one Mission as the subwoofer without endangering the amplifier even if it were in series with the two new speakers. With two Missions it would be a lot easier but I assume you don't have room to hide two from the wife. :)

There are some pretty small subs which come with speaker packages but I don't know if they sell them by themselves.

Maybe somebody cleverer than me can come up with a solution.

If you are good at carpentry then maybe you could fit both bass drive units from the Missions in one box and wire them separately. :D


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Hi Diablo,

Thanks for your input, much appreciated. Funnily enough, I probably could hide both Missions but I like the idea of removing the woofers and wiring them into a cabinet of some description. Might have a go with that.

Cheers, Mark

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