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Hello All,

Long time lurker asking politely for some bookshelf speaker help and advice please.

I currently run some ageing and not particularly good Eltax Symphony 4.2s from a Harmon Kardon 171 amp. I've been wanting to upgrade the speakers for ages but just haven't got around to it. But now is the time!

I use the system for watching TV and listening to music. The speakers are on a wooden sideboard in the corner of a large room. Due to the layout, I can't fit a sub in, so it has to stay as a 2.0.

I'm looking at Zensor 3 / Bronze 2 level, but am happy to spend more if worth it eg Mission QX2 / Elac debut B6.2. I've also seen Audio Monitor Silver 2 for £450 new or £350 used. So budget between £200-400 (500 at a push if it offers significantly better sound and longevity).

I'm planning to go and demo some in Richer Sounds but I'd appreciate some help narrowing the field in advance.

I want speakers that will fill a large room and suit a wide variety of music genres, including dance music. I'm after a full and exciting sound rather than a particularly accurate one. Think classic V sound shape.

Thanks very much in advance for any help.


Thanks very much for your suggestions. I've had a look at the Leena's and reviews suggest that whilst they are very good speakers they don't have the greatest presence at the bottom end of things. Given I've no sub to fall back on, I'm not sure they are the ones for me.

I'm hoping to test the QX2 on Friday. Reviews really are glowing and they available for £350 which seems a great price.

I am still very tempted by the Silver 2 though, but like for like new they are £100 more than the QX2.

I've also just seen that I can pick up a pair of KEFQ300 on eBay for around £100.

Decisions eh! Makes my head spin.
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I would certainly take those Q300 at £100!! Very good speakers for the money. Plus they are front ported which should help a little with your placement on your sideboard


Thanks for the tip. I'll keep an eye on them as I agree, they are a great price.

What's the most you think they're worth, bearing in mind that I can get an ex demo pair of Zensor 3 for c.£190 (not that I've heard them yet)?
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