Bone Head Question on AV Receivers?


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I'm about to take my first step into the surround sound world. I have somewhat narrowed my choice down to:

Pioneer VSX1015

Pioneer VSX2014IS (I have seen a model listed as VSXD2014 - is this the same?)

Yamaha DSPAX757SE

Denon AVR1906

Any recommendations? Alternatively, any other models I should be looking at up to £400? I plan on using in 50/50 for music and DVD's. I'm tempted with the VSX2014, as I can get a 20% discount at a shop that stocks it.

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its worth considering what kind of music you listen to as much as how often you will listen to it, most manufacturers have a 'family sound'.....Pioneer are usually very bright and lively (not so good for music with lots of high pitched freqs) whereas Denon tend to be more calm and sedate (not so good for slow moving mid-lower end based music) however you can partner the equipment with different speakers to alter that, i use Monitor Audio with Denon, the metal based drivers and high quality tweeters tend to bring more life in to the Denons, but partnered with Pioneer and the sound could get quite fatiguingly bright...but put some B&W's on the Pioneer and the sound would be much easier to listen to and more engaging rather than then these are my tastes, other people might perceive it differently....

i personally havnt heard the models you mention so all i can say is i've used Denons higher range gear and prefer it to the Pioneer equivelant with the speakers i had chosen.....
but at the price level your looking it could be different.....i would say your best bet is to have a think about speakers that you might think about getting in the future, and try and demo the amps you looking at on those speakers.....

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