Bomberman Live gets an update


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XBLA Hump Day: Bombs Away (and Puzzles Too)
Bomberman Live gets an update and Super Puzzle Fighter II makes its debut.
by Ryan Geddes

US, August 27, 2007 - Bomberman Live, an Xbox Live Arcade update of the classic Hudson Entertainment multiplayer game, will get its first feature boost this week with Bomb-Up Pack 1.

The add-on will feature ten new characters (such as "Little Bomby Foo Foo" the bunny and "Rocky Bomboa" the boxer), two additional levels ("High Stakes," a Las Vegas-style casino level and "Zeppelin," a level set aboard a dirigible) and the new game mode "Frag," which will allow players to pre-set the number of enemies they must bomb in order to win the game.

Joining the Bomberman goodies on Xbox Live this week is the impossibly-titled Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, whose name pretty much says it all. It's a puzzle fighter, it's super, it's a remix and it's in HD.

The head-to-head puzzle update and Bomberman add-on are scheduled to hit Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday as part of Microsoft's regularly-scheduled programming.

Nivek TT

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Not too sure on this one. Haven't really got any interest in new outfits, not a fan of frag based Bomberman games and I bet the classic level still remains my favourite!

Would have preferred to see them drop the dangerous bomb from ranked games, or at least introduce 3 different ranked games for beginner, intermediate and expert weapon sets. That way I'd play intermediate :cool:

That and fix the "push A" problem between games!

Also wouldn't mind the option to select the starting power-ups for player matches, e.g. start everyone with a speed and bomb blast increase. And see the return of the bouncy bomb!

In case it isn't obvious, I :censored: hate the dangerous bomb! :mad:

Do we think it will be like Worms in that all players have to had bought the update for anyone to be able to use it (stupid!) or will it be like PGR3 in that everyone is forced to download the update (in PGR3's case, new cars) but has to pay to play with it. I bought the Worms maps but because not many others did and I like 3 or 4 player games I've barely ever get chance to enjoy them!

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