Bold trackpad problem-Help

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Looking at a friends son's bold which has a problem with the trackpad,seems not to work properly,when you select something with it say messages it just picks the letter 'L' as if you were looking for a contact.
Always seems to be 'L'.
he retuned it to O2 but they have said its been weater damaged under the tracker and have sent a picture with an arrow to show something,possibly a pink square.
The guy swears he has not had it near any water...
Any ideas or help I can give???:lease:


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Do you have a copy of the picture?

It could be the liquid/water marker, a little (usually white) sticker that will turn pink/red when exposed to liquid, AFAIK there's one on the side of the battery tray just below the SIM card on my everyday Bold, there may be more internally although I had a Bold in peices yesterday (water damaged as it happens.) and didn't see any, they do rust nicely inside though.

If your friend is absolutely certain the phone has not been exposed to liquid it might be worth argueing the toss with 02 as phone companies have been known to cite water damage in cases where it hasn't been. Although I'd imagine they'd stick to their guns here.

If worst comes to worst and they're saying the waranty is void as it is, the trackball itself is fairly simple and cheap to replace, I've no idea if that'll solve the problem but I guess they've nothing to lose by trying.


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here is the pic they enclosed,I can only assume its the pink bit but the arrow does not point dirctly too it.
Maybe his only option is to sell it and buy another.
It seems the keys affected are j.k,n and m.
When you press the hang-up button M contacts come up and when you press the green call button it brngs up K contacts,When you press the trackpad it brings up 'L' contacts.
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