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Mar 20, 2008
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I'm not very clued up on this stuff but will try my best to explain

My mother has 2 boilers in her home. A combi downstairs serves the central heating throughout the house and hot water downstairs including a bathroom, whilst a separate boiler in the bathroom upstairs serves solely that

The Vaillant downstairs is covered through British Gas under their Homecare 400 plan which I gather is the most comprehensive plan they offer. The Worcester boiler upstairs is not under any cover nor warranty. It is approximately 10 years old

Over the course of the last year, when the upstairs boiler 'light' (the flicker of gas) has gone out (presumably down to wind? It's close by a window), it's taken quite some time to reignite it using the controls at the front. One has to normally persist and eventually it will light up

It went out again last night and now on attempting to reignite it, the 'spark' no longer emits when pushing the button, thus nor does the gas. Previously, whilst it took some time to reignite, you would see the spark almost every press

I am assuming the Worcester boiler has developed a fault which has progressively got worse - ?

From those in the know; would I be best to service the boiler through British Gas, or contact Worcester direct, or find a private local service company?

The property is currently for sale so whilst it clearly needs fixing she is conscious of costs incurred


I'm still puzzled which is the cheaper option when it comes down to who to call. I'm unsure if having an existing relationship with BG is of advantage

I guess I'll have to start calling around..
Why not link that bathroom to the combi and take out the worcester boiler
I have called British Gas out at £99 inc VAT and parts. That covers all costs assuming it's repairable. In the extreme case a new boiler is required, the charge is waived

Part of the terms are I add the 2nd boiler to the existing cover at an additional £20 p/m. Ordinarily this would be a 12 month agreement but as the existing cover has been in place for 10 years, I can cancel the whole lot at any time (when the property sells)

I think this was the best bet all round!
Had a new boiler fitted by British Gas last week. It's a 'British Gas 330' and is a 'High Efficiency Condensing Boiler' providing Domestic Hot Water and Central Heating (radiators).

The output for the boiler has been pre-set at the Factory at 18kW for our own particular needs.

The sticker on the bottom says that this one model of boiler can also be 'tuned up' to do a range of heat outputs in 1kW stages right through from: 10kW to 30kW.

I found this fact to be an exceedingly innovating move by British Gas. One model of boiler does loads of heating requirements just by twiddling some settings and doing some adjustments. An utterly Brilliant Idea, eh? What a saving on stock and parts!

The Installation Engineer also confirmed this to me.


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