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rich tee

I had VMHD installed on April 26th, the installer needed to replace the cables leading to the house but either couldn't be bothered or didn't know what to do.
Instead he placed a pretend call to Virgin and told me the job would be done on May 9th.

It wasn't done, no installer turned up after me waiting in all day and Virgin have no record of any work outstanding.
How can a company such as Virgin be so incompetant as to not properly install their service in one visit to your home and then expect you to wait 2 weeks to be properly installed only for that not to happen or be arranged.

I rang them to get the cable done asap and again I was fobbed off and given a complaint ref no, I was told a manager would call me to advise of a new install date, no phonecall today, and upon phoning them today I was told to expect a call back in 5 - 7 days, ***!!!!!


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Try phoning 151 between 7 and 10 pm this evening. You should then get the Scottish call centre - be polite explain the problem from the beginning - say that unless the installation is completed satisfactorily in say 5 days you will cancel.

Why you were waiting in all day I do not know as they always state a.m hours or p.m.hours for the call.

As I am having a major extension to my house I called VM out to completely re-route the cables from the street and entry points and terminations to my house. This was done by an installer. He came 2 days later as appointed. He did the job in less than 2 hours. I was actually without BB for about 45 mins. He also said that he wanted to bury part of the cable deeper but as he had a substitute smaller van that day he did not have the kit with him. He made appointment to return 2 days later which he did and re-buried part of cable.

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I'm not to happy about the way virgin installed the cables at my previous home. I've recently moved and i'm thinking of installing my own internal coax, can four v+ boxes be fed from one feed and a four way amp/splitter ?

rich tee

A month on and I'm still being screwed over by VM.
Today instead of laying new cable and burying it properly, they turned up earlier than expected, didn't knock on the door , reburied old dead cable they were too lazy to remove in the first place and went.

No new cable, I can't ******* believe them.
The job was booked for 1pm - 6pm, I went outside at 1pm to prep the area and saw what they had done.
I complained at 1.30pm and got the same old rubbish about them emailing an area manager, and then doing nothing.

rich tee

And so it goes on, still no calls and when I rang again last Mon to complain I was promised another call from the installation team, 5 days on and no call.
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rich tee

Finally after spending 26 mins on the phone today VM have finally sent round some installers and they've done the job properly.
It's taken half a dozen phonecalls and loads of empty promises of callbacks to get the job done.

It makes you laugh thou, this free install has cost them about 6 sets of installers and 3 hours of phonecalls to the customer service centres complaining, just to get a simple install done and dusted.

Now for my email to BBC watchdog.

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