Boa Vista, Cape Verde - anyone been ?


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Hi all

Looking at Boa Vista, Cape Verde, and in particalur the Riu Touerag resort.

Has anyone been in October ? Weather still OK and what time does it get dark ?

I have been on Trip Advisor and the reviews appear to be good, other than for the need to reserve sunbeds at around 7.00am, and the rather rough waves.

Is the sunbed situation really that bad, or is this just people not being able to secure the plum positions (i.e. are there still plenty around the pools, just not right at the poolside) ?

Not sure about being cooped up in a resort for 14 days as there is nothing to do outside, and I am not an excursion sort of person (certainly not for the sake of getting out).

Any experience, thoughts, comments ?



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I went in 2009 to Riu Boa Vista, think it was the only hotel on the island at the time, but guessing there's a few more hotels on the island now.

When I was there, there was nothing to do apart from take quad bikes across the sand dunes. It was very hot but very very windy! I think sunbeds can be a problem anywhere you go. My mate and I used about 8 sunbeds to build a wind break it was that windy although in hindsight that was a little selfish!

I don't think I'd ever go back again, it doesn't really offer anything to make me want to go back.

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