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Just bought a used 3 series from a BMW dealer and was sold tyre insurance at a cost of £269 for 3 years. This apparently coversup to 4 replacement tyres per year in the event of a puncture or vandalism. I agreed to it because the sales man was telling me the cost of a tyre is about £180 and you cannot repair punctures on the run flat tyres it has (17").
Have I been ripped off? I believe I can cancel this policy within 14 days (although this was not mentioned to me just came accross this fact surfing the net).
Should I cancel?


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I can't comment on the value, but isn't that open to abuse. For example, what would happen if, just as your tyres were getting a bit bald, some scoundrel scattered some tacks on the road and you ended up with 4 punctured tyres needing replacement? It may seem to be a wonderful bit of foresight at this point.


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Yeah I mjust admit that thought did cross my mind as the saleman was going through his speech. I dont think I could submit such a claim if push came to shove though.


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Tyres are more like £150(RE050A) each for 17's, it is possible to repair an RFT but some places wont as you cant tell what damage has been caused by running it flat so they wont do it. In my opinion you do more damage running on a normal tyre when flat.

It comes down to how often do you get a puncture really but i'd take my chances.


Seems good value for money considering you only need to make a claim for 1.5 tyres to get your money back .


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If the "damaged/punctured tyre" is partly worn, do they take this into account when settling a claim ? ie 50% wear= 50% reduction on payout ?


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I took out this insurance and wouldn't recommend it.

You can only bring your car to certain tyre depots. I found this out after getting a puncture and brought the car to the "wrong" depot. Eventually they paid out. I then had a blow-out and went to the correct depot, but they refused to pay this time because the said the thread depth was too low.

In the end it was just too much hassle.

Regarding the price he quoted you, it's way too high. I get Continental run flats for my 3 series for £80 + vat.


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Thanks for the opinions, phoned today and cancelled the policy before it begun (get car on Tuesday).

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