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Hey everybody, I just picked up a new Optoma UHD60 on Amazon a few weeks ago.

Quick backstory: before that I was using a Dell M410HD (720p) just resting on a table for 6-7 years and loved it. Then one day I decided to mount it, and had my friend help me, who somehow broke the mounting screw on the projector, so since it was getting pretty dated anyway I decided to upgrade.

I have it properly mounted about 12 feet away on a 110" Silver Screen which is very nice also. It's connected via HDMI cable to either my PC or an NVIDIA Shield with a splitter. The picture is phenomenal, watching any 4k content including movies or video games is great, as well as upscaled 1080p content. The lack of motion smoothing is sometimes noticeable but it's not a huge issue.. However, there is a bigger issue with focus. I can only get one section of the screen to be perfectly in focus at a time. Either the center, then the top and bottom are blurry, or the bottom, then the center and top are blurry, etc. Every day I find myself noticing its getting quite blurry, and adjusting the focus to try to get it focused. I can find some medium where the center and bottom (but not top) are kinda both focused, but really they're both blurry and I focused on the point in between them. Is this a common problem or did I get a lemon? My 720p Dell projector never had this issue as far as I was able to tell.

I can try to post photos if it's tough to understand.
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Usually a focus issue similar to this is down to the projector not being perpendicular creating a trapezoid effect on the screen, sometimes it can show itself with blurriness too (this is usually because the projector is angled (i.e. not level)).

If its mounted, make sure its not moving slowly as you say its altering (i.e. make sure the projector mount is up to the job of holding the projector in place)

If you are projecting on to a wall, you could just be seeing the imperfections of the plaster which you just didn't notice with your old projector.

If you have a projector screen, then again it'll be down to it being out of alignment somewhere with the projector lens (not being perpendicular)

Usually the easy way to see if you have set the projector up correctly is if the image isn't square and top and bottom/left-right. Simply put if the top and bottom or the left and right hand lengths of the image measure a differing length, then it means you need to look at how you have set the projector up and it will require attention to square the image (keystone set to zero).

Lastly it could be faulty if all of these areas are perfect and may need return
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