BluRay options for Arcam AVR350


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Having purposefully dropped out of monitoring developments in AV (but kept on the good side of my good lady) for quite a while, she has now been persuaded of the "need" to upgrade my ageing Oppo DVD to BluRay, especially as it's playing up a bit when warm.

At this stage I know very little of the options available to pair with my receiver. Obviously I'd like the best possible sound quality from a new player but I'm aware of the age of my receiver and its limited connection options regards HDMI.

Can I ask assistance for the best route to connect BR to this receiver? I was initially looking at the Panasonic BD320 but with only dual analog outputs or optical available (the AVR won't pass through HDMI audio?) is there a better option or a way within this price range to give better audio quality or am I stuck?


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Yeh, I was afraid of that. I was looking at the £200 region.

It's going to take some fast talking to get the budget up to £500 but the alternative (upgrade the receiver) is even more. I may have to make do with buying something like the Panasonic BDP320 and using optical for now until budget allows.

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