Bluray HMDI - TV - TV SPDIF to Receiver = No DTS HD


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Hi all,

My receiver SONY STR DB925 has serviced me for 15 years. Its done well. I have a new problem so I may have to upgrade but you guys here may know a workaround. Obviously this receiver cannot do Dolby True HD or DTS equivalent as it uses Optical SPDIF ports so the bitrate cannot handle it. But its always been able to play the tracks but in the 5.1 equivalent version.

So my issue.

I just bought a philips 58pfl9956 tv. It has SPDIF out for audio it does not do Phono Left and Right out.

So I used to have my Nintendo Wii plugged in to the TV and use audio outs on my TV to some generic left and right input on the Audio Reciever.

I had my bluray plugged directly into the SPDIF socket on the receiver.
My Audio Receiver has a spare SPDIF port which I used for my TVIX player. So basically no sound ever went into my TV straight into the amp. ALL GOOD

The new TV forced me to change to the following:

TVIX still using the SPDIF port ON THE Audio Receiver directly (not using SPDIF OUT on the TV)

Bluray uses HDMI cable to the TV.
Nintendo Wii uses Component (5 phono plugs) on the TV (Audio receiver has no component remember its very old).
SPDIF out uses optical cable to the Audio Reciever.

So in the above configuration it means that all sound on my TV uses the Audio Out SPDIF to get sound to the Audio Receiver.

It works perfectly. Except on DTS HD 7.1 sound it will only output the Bluray sound as stereo. The dolby digital equivalent WORKS FINE!

All the settings on the bluray player are set to BITSTREAM. So it should be fine.

Is there some weird handshake or copyright thing going on with the hdmi nto passing the signal to SPDIF out?

Does this make sense?

I can upgrade but having just shelled out a lot on the TV I could do with waiting...

Any solutions?



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Ah right if thats the reason why then it could be that. Thanks for that.

I could set it up the way as before but then that means I lose the Wii getting any sound from the Audio Receiver...

It is clear I need an upgrade but wondered if there is a reason.


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Ah, right, gotcha. Do you have a Scart socket free on the TV? You might be able to pull analog audio out on that, with two requirements; 1) a scart to phono block, switchable for in and out, and 2) a setting in the TV's options to assign audio out to that scart socket
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hmm i have one scart but being used for my S-video player... It would seem I need an upgraded amp... But it worries me what you said about the DTS licensing... Would this happen if I got a new amp?


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Sorry have not taken all the implications in so a quick answer. You could use a mini jack to 2 phonos from headphone socket.
If you have a scart block to the scart input and only want one thing to go in via the scart dont use a swiching one. use one scart hole on block for sound out (whatever is coming out of tv) other hole for sound and picture in.
If you need more than one scart in use 2 scart blocks. the one nearest the tv non swithing. The other with switches pluged in to the non swicher hence only one input at a time but sound allways avaliabe to match tv picture.


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Yes most amps do DTS but assume I put all hdmi sources in the amp HDMI in. And then HDMI out to HDMI in ARC on the TV will the TV give me DTS problems still?


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Yes most amps do DTS but assume I put all hdmi sources in the amp HDMI in. And then HDMI out to HDMI in ARC on the TV will the TV give me DTS problems still?
In passthrough, the source device only outputs formats the destination device can handle. Not all TVs have DTS decoding abilities so you'll not get DTS with some TVs because the TV cannot decode it.

THe solution is to not try outputting formats to your TV that it cannot decode and use the AV amp which can decode them.

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