Bluray & Dolby TrueHD sound on LX01BD


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Dear all! I have a query that i hope can be answered. I have a state of the art plasma tv (Kuro 5090) and surround sound system/ bluray player (Pioneer LX01BD), capable of Dobly TrueHD sound.

Now i have several blurays that are also capable of outputting TrueHD sound: 300, Batman: the dark knight, and Resident Evil: Degeneration...just to name a few.

Heres the problem. Resident evil automatically outputs at Dolby TrueHD the moment the movie starts. Films such as 300 and batman play in Dolby Digital. When i go into Tools ---> audio settings ---> select audio via my bluray remote control, the option for Dolby TrueHD is there, but when i select flashes for around 5 seconds and then automatically goes back to outputting Dolby Digital.

For the life of me i cant seem to get these blurays to play in TrueHD, and they definately can...says so on the back of the boxes :thumbsup: lol.

Can anyone maybe shed some light or help me out? :lease:

Thanks for reading


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Have you selected the HD soundtrack on the disc? It's usually hidden away in the language options

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