Bluray Backup?


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Hello all,

A question if you will, at the moment with my DVDs, I rip them to my HD and then store safely in my loft. All my films are played back through my WD HDTV player.

Now that I've moved to BD, how do I do this? On my Mac I just used to use Handbrake. But I don't have a BD Drive.

Which software (Windows or Mac) is good? Is there any hardware players which convert?

Many thanks,

Pincho Paxton

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I've never had a DVD fail on me, and the expense of the HD outweighs the cost of replacing one anyway.


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You'll need an awful lot of storage space HDD as they are about 50gb each aren't they? No point in compressing them because bluray is all about the quality. Just my opinion though.


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If you just rip out the film and audio its typically around 20Gb, some are a lot smaller. That's a lot of films on a 4Tb NAS :smashin:

Personally I find it a real benefit to have films ordered by Genre etc and Thumbnail browseable from the same Media server interface as my photos and music. Its much easier for my wife and kids as well. And no huge rack of cases taking up valuable space in the living room


Its much easier for my wife and kids as well.
Easier for the Police* to watch them when they confiscate the drive as well...;)

*Operating under the new laws that dictate if you have a big drive you must be up to no good :)



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AnyDVD HD, and 4 x 1TB HDD's :D


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I do video editing for a living so have two NAS units, both are 4TB each. So space is no problem. Nor is purchasing a BD Drive. I was just wondering what software(s) I would need.

It's no so much for disc failure but more for not having space for bookcases of discs take up space etc and convenience of just selecting what I want to watch via a media library.


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BD drive
Clown BD

You might need to muck about with HD audio based on your amp and how WDTV handles it. I use my PS3 for media serving so not familair with WDTV

The network media streamer forum would be the best place to start


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I use my PS3 to rip a BD iso to my laptop (need to install otheros to PS3, I use 'Swiss Army Knife' (google "PS3 SAK").

With the BD iso on my laptop I strip out the relevant file using "Anydvd HD" (usually around 25-30gb) and then put this file on the internal hard drive of my 'Popcorn Hour'.

Hope that makes sense.


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WD have just released a 2Tb HD. Thought you might like to know just in case you succeed :).

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