Blur or Oasis?

Blur or Oasis?

  • Blur

    Votes: 17 58.6%
  • Oasis

    Votes: 12 41.4%

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I'm a great fan of both, but Blur totally eclipse Oasis for me.
Constantly reinventing themselves in each of their albums and at a very high level.

For me, "13" is one of the best albums out there.


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I thought it was southerners that liked 'Blur' and northerners that liked 'Oasis'?

Having said that I grew up in the midlands and I always prefered 'Blur', although I think 'Oasis' are a stronger album band.


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I love both of them, but recently I've been liking Blur a lot more. If you take into account Gorillaz then there's no competition ;)


Never really been in to Oasis. Blur got better after they droped mockny stuff. Oasis in my opion are one of the least of the Manchester bands


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I personally think the only thing blur have over Oasis is that their more inventive in the studio, but Oasis are miles ahead of them in everything else. It's just a shame Oasis are such a "lo-fi" band.

LIVEFOREVER :beer: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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BTW, I was born and have lived in London all my life, and don't dislike blur (got their greatest hits), I just think their nowhere near as good as OASIS!!!:D


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Oasis with 80,000 people at Wembley Stadium just before they tore the fecker down, that was one hell of a gig!!

Never got into Blur, although I like the self titled album with Song 2 & Beetlebum, but Definitely Maybe & Morning Glory are pure class. Oasis all the way.....:devil:


None of them. Both groups make boring music.


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13, Parklife, The Great Escape & Think Tank really do show the diversity of blur, Oasis have always sounded the same since Whats the story but are still good IMO

Easily voted for Blur here


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Has to be Blur.
Although the first 2 Oasis albums were excellent in a 'feel good pub rock' sort of way, I prefer the variety Blur dish up ('13' being my favourite).

Having said that, I haven't listened either of them for over a year!

Mr Cat

it has to be blur - 13 has some amazing tracks on it!


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Gotta be Oasis. Hands down the band that changed my perspective on the music i listen too and encouraged me to pick up a guitar and teach myself.


Oasis for me to, never forget the time i went to Knebworth to see them.


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Originally posted by Oasis-GasPanic
BTW, I was born and have lived in London all my life, and don't dislike blur (got their greatest hits), I just think their nowhere near as good as OASIS!!!:D
Trust me if you only have their greatest hits you really are missing out, get "13" quick but be warned it tends to scare girlfriends :)

Kazuya Mishima

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Originally posted by pringtef
Blue or Oasis?
Oh, that's SO 1995....:devil:

What are Oasis actually doing just now? Are they still a 5-piece, has Liam got his teeth fixed yet?

For me it's hard to decide which I like best. Depends on my mood at the time. Sometimes when you want to RAWK just put on Cigarettes and Alcohol.

But Modern Life is Rubbish is a brilliant album, Parklife's not bad either - when I am feeling in a wistful reflective mood...

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