BluOS, Amazon Music HD and Amazon Fire TV stick Ultra 4K integration


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This has probably been said before and i realise this could be very old news to some but I thought I would write to tell of my first experience using the Amazon Fire TV stick with Bluesound Node 2 and its native app BlueOS.

If you are signed up to Amazon Music HD and are tied to the BluOS app to play your music this might interest you.

Ive never had the need to use a FireTV stick Ultra 4K before but my Apps button on my tv remote stopped working on my Panasonic smart TV. So I thought rather than buy a new remote I would buy myself an Amazon Firestick and by pass the broken button on my old remote.

I plugged it in and set the Fires Stick up, it took a while to set up and download updates but once it was up and running I was quite impressed by how clear the picture was.

During the setup it asked me if I was using a soundbar, the reason it asked this was because it needed to know how the Fire Stick would control the volume, either the TVs volume or the soundbar volume.

I route my TV audio via an optical lead from the back of my TV to my Node 2. The Bluesound Node 2 wasn’t on the list so I did a rather nifty work around by using the BluOS app to reprogram the Node 2 (BluOS/Settings/IR Remote/IR Learning ) to accept the Amazons Fire TV Stick remote control volume up and down buttons to adjust the Node 2s volume control instead.

Ive never used a Fire TV Stick before and as I set up the device I noticed Amazon Music was pre loaded. So I logged in using my Amazon Music HD account. To my pleasant surprised it logged in straight away and up popped my Amazon Music HD account.

I looked for my music in ‘My Music/Library’ and there it all was in full glorious colour on my 58 inch Panasonic TV. I could see all my album covers, I could quickly navigate around the app and my ‘Library’ using the Amazon Fire TV Stick remote control and best of all I could control the volume of the music by pointing the remote at the Node 2.

I then realised if I had the TV on I had absolutely no need for the BluOS app as I had everything at my fingertips on the screen. I then wondered about the sound quality. ‘Of course!’ I thought. The Amazon FIre TV Stick was now acting as a music streamer pulling music direct from the server via my wifi connection.

The audio digital output of the TV (via the Fire Stick) was now being routed to my Node 2 (via toslink) and out into my amp via the Node 2s onboard DAC. I did A/B comparisons but couldn’t hear no discernible difference in the sound quality. Whether or not there is a difference in sound quality between the Fire TV Stick streamer and the Node 2 streamer is up for debate, but I myself couldn’t hear the difference.

So now Im thinking the Fire TV Stick was money well spent. I have now liberated myself from the BluOS app , I am no longer squinting at my phone when searching for Music on my Node 2, instead I have it all clearly laid out in the Amazon Music app on my big screen TV.

Result! :)

Technology is a wonderful thing!!



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Very interesting, many thanks, you have given me ideas about using the IR learning option on the Node for volume & i/p control.


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I might have totally missed the point here but I've got Tidal and Amazon HD on my Mobile and my firestick.

MY mobile has a 24bit dac (Sony's LDAC tech) whereas my TV only outputs audio in 16bit. Shame as like you I would rather stream direct from the firestick but I can notice the difference between streaming from the TV>External DAC>Amp which is 16 bit and when streaming via bluetooth to the DAC direct using the TV as a Bluetooth relay by passes the 16bit output of the TV and maintains my mobile's 24bit output.

Some people wouldn't notice but the difference is night and day to my ears.

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