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Blumin bugs!

Dynaudio Desire

Novice Member
Hi everyone,
I came home from a weekend away at my mates to find, what I thought was a dead pixel on my Dell 20" widescreen monitor (new late December). I immediantly rang Dell but just before I got through, the "dead pixel" moved across the screen. I wondered what on earth was going and put the phone down, until I eventually realised the dead pixel was a little bug. The bloody thing had crawled into my monitor and gone behind the panel, so it leaves a shadow where ever it goes. It did eventually get off the screen and into the sides but came back! Now it has decided to stop right in the middle of my screen and I think its either sleeping or had died because it has not moved in the last 4 hours. I rang Dell up again and explained what had happend and they said "The warranty does not cover bugs or insects getting into the monitor". Fair enough I thought. But then I asked wether opening the monitor to get the bug out will void the warranty and they replied with "yes". :mad:

How the hell am I supposed to get ths bug out without opening it? The bloke on the other end of the phone did say however "But we can only void your warranty if you tell us that youv'e opened it". ;)

OK so I can open it, but just dont tell Dell. But where on earth do I start?? Does anyone know??

The idea of me opening my £400 monitor seems frightening! :rolleyes:



Distinguished Member
i get this every year when the fields around where i live get cut i had a bug stuck the other day. The ones i get usually die in a couple of hours and fall to the bottom of the screen and out of sight so doesn't bother me.

Mind you dread to think how many dead ones that are there now had the monitor for over 3 years.

Dynaudio Desire

Novice Member
YES! Its gone! I gave the dell a shake and I blew through the vents, but it still wouldnt budge. Then whislt listening to Bob Marley I started to tap on the monitor and it went!!



When it got half way across the screen it must have been Jammin there. Then took an Exodus to the Trenchtown at the bottom of the screen.;)

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