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Has anyone tried this yet? I grabbed a couple of dongles at a computer fair (only £22 each) and installed the software from the CD. Setup from the pdf file may as well be in Chinese, are networks really this complicated to get running? I thought Bluetooth would be a simple and tidy way to get access to the files on each PC but I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth it. I managed to transfer a 2 meg file from one PC to a folder in the other machine but it was a real drawn out process. What I'm really after is a simple mouse click on an icon that lets me see everything on the drives of the other machine and vice versa.

A simple ethernet connection with a crossover lead may be my last resort but I kinda like the idea of no wires, you know?
I'm not familiar with bluetooth networking but it's pretty easy with standard ethernet/wifi etc.

Having said that, I recently upgraded to 54G wifi & am not impressed. Really poor throughput - marginally better than 11b :(. Probably going to return the 54G wap/router & stick with 11b.


In case you didnt realise bluetooth is not really aimed at connecting PC's from a networking perspective. Bluetooth's job was and always has been to replace cables over short distances.

In the first instance most bluetooth is designed for a max range of 10m... some newer (class b I think) kit goes to 100m but it's rare... and even if the distance is ok... the max transfer speed is 768kbps.... a LOT less than proper wireless networking gear...

For networking PC's wirelessly you need WiFi of some kind... the most popular are 802.11B and 802.11G.... they both operate at 2.4GHz... (which means just about everything will interfere with them... Microwaves.. cordless phones... cordless cameras... you name it)... the 'B' mode has a max speed of 11Mbps... the 'G' mode stuff goes to 54Mbps... but those are 'best' speeds and unlikely to be acheived...

Once you have bought the appropriate bit of wireless kit (B or G)... it really is just replacing the wired CAT5 Networking cable... so at that point it's over to Windows and which versions you are using as to how you set it up...

You havnt mentioned which versions of Windows (assuming you are) youre running and so I cant say what you need to do after that...

Hope that helps a bit...

Hi, ive got wireless "network" going that enables me to take my ipaq online via ics, i used this guide to set it up. I hope it helps, its "aimed" at using bluetooth and a ppc, but the principles should be the same.

for speed, reliability and cheapness you cant beat wired ethernet
esp if the network is for fixed pc's
Yep. I mean i am wanting to go wireless however if you don't have network cards they can be bought now for £4 each and a crossover 10m cable for £2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A LOT CHEAPER than bloototh dongles and with 100mBITS transfer rate!!!!

Also....when i get round to finally choosing a wireless router/access point/modem all in one thing i was going to place it next to the base of my dect cordless phone thing as the telephone socket is next to it.

Will they interfear really badly and what problems are caused by this?


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