Bluetooth ugrade for an old Sony hi-fi system..


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I struggled for a forum to ask this Q in, because there doesn't appear to be a section dedicated to combined stereo systems (struggling to bring myself to call it a hi-fi) and I thought I might get burnt at the steakhouse for slinging it into HiFi Systems and Speakers.. It's probably more of a dock question, so possibly one for you wizards here

I have a Sony MHC-E609iP, a mini hifi system with a 30 pin iDevice connector. It sits on top of a fridge and every time the door slams the iPod jiggles around on the connector and stops playing. Getting sick of it I thought I'd look into device to upgrade it to Bluetooth, so I can play something on the phone and not have to mess with it

It turns out such devices exist; they sit on top of the connector, pretend to be an ipod, get power from the dock, pretend to be a Bluetooth audio receiver device and pipe received audio into the system, "upgrading" it to be a Bluetooth dock

Here is one such device:30Pin Bluetooth 4.1 A2DP Music Audio Receiver Stero Adapter For Bose Sounddock 6971485990329 | eBay

Bit of a kick in the pants with these things though; the adverts for most of them say they don't necessarily work with a variety of docks/bases. This Sony isn't specifically mentioned but I don't think it's that mainstream compared to the likes of a Bose dock. Some Sonys are mentioned as "not working" and I guess there isn't a lot of variety in the guts of the Sony devices

I picked one up for 4 quid. Sure enough, it doesn't work on the Sony, but it works great on the more stupid, low price Philips system upstairs that also has an ipod dock. Both these devices can charge the ipod and they both power the Bluetooth device correctly, but the Sony just sits there flashing "connecting" in the display. The connector of the Sony does work, as if I connect a real iSomething, it will change the display to say "ipod" and use it

I can't remember if the Philips can control the ipod but the Sony definitely can.. So perhaps there is one difference. Perhaps the Sony is too intelligent, and requires a Bluetooth dongle to do a better job of pretending to be an ipod than this one currently does..

There's a note in the ad of the one I bought saying:

"Home and Bose dock player may not suitable for this item, it does not support digital signal interface Dock speakers, and does not support the Dock speakers which can not offer 5V power via Dock socket"

Pretty sure it gets 5V from the dock socket, so maybe the problem is the "does not support digital signal interface" - what's this? Is there an "analog signal interface"? Does the 30 pin connector have both analog and digital? Is the Sony digital only? Is this info helpful in any way?

So, i'm on the hunt for a similar Bluetooth device that will work with the sony.. More expensive items on ebay claim to be compatible with a wider range of decrepit Bose hardware; is it something I should be trying? Does anyone know what quality/attribute/design intent a Bluetooth adapter such as this needs to have to work with this Sony system?

As an aside, my ipod (that does work) is old, and jailbroken, and has hacked Bluetooth drivers on it - is there any chance I could turn *that* into a dongle that receives audio from something else? (Probably a question better suited to an apple hacking forum, I'll admit..)
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Is there not a 2RCA or 3.5mm Stereo Line in on the SONY unit?


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