Bluetooth signal dropping from HT-RT5


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Nov 25, 2015
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Hello all,

I need some advice. I have a Sony HT-RT5 (which is a soundbar with wireless rear speakers and wireless sub.

I brought it about a month ago and all worked fine. But after two weeks it has developed a strange anomoly. Everything I turn on the soundbar (either by the soundbar remote or the compatible Viera TV remote) everything works fine for about 10-20 mins. After this time the wireless signal to both the sub and the rears starts dropping out. This last for about 10 mins. After that it stabalises and is then completely fine. But during that 10 mins or so the signal keeps dropping from the sub and the rears, on and off. During this time, when the signal drops, the sound disappears from the rears and the sub and during this time the lights on the sub and rears slowly flash.

I believe it is a problem with the signal going out from the soundbar (rather than faulty rears and sub) as the sub and rears loose signal at exactly the same time.

i have read the manual back to back and this problem is mentioned, and can be fixed by...
1 - Move the sub and the speakers closer to the Soundbar.
The Sub is less than a foot away from the soundbar, and my room is not that large that the rears would lose range. So this is not the issue.

2 - Go into the soundbar settings and create a secure link between the soundbar and the sub/rears (to avoid interference).
I have performed this fix, but to no avail (the only difference is that my speakers and sub lights are now orange and not green :)

If anyone has any suggestions then I would gladly love to hear them. It seems such a strange fault, in that it consistently occurs in the first 20 mins (but not in the first 10) and then after that is completely fine.

Thanks very much,
go in to settings and select one of the two frequencies I had same prob when it was set to auto. I haven't had it since.. btw there was a new firmware released yesterday might be worth d/loading

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