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Egg White

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Mar 21, 2012
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Hi guys,

I'm lookin to buy a bluetooth receiver so that I can listen to the likes of Spotify etc through my HiFi...

And I've seen the audioengine B1 which looks decent...anyone used it before, anything else out there? And any other advice etc?

There's also a couple of Yamaha ones too that I've just seen too...

WXC-50 - Overview

WXAD-10 - Overview

Will check them too...

I recently had the WXC-50. It's an excellent device.

But if you're only after a Spotify streamer from a phone or tablet then, as muljao says, this is all you need, sounds excellent.

TROND Bluetooth TV Transmitter Receiver Adapter with: Electronics

I'm listening to the non digital version now (£20) and it's truly astonishing.
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