Bluetooth receiver and B&W Zeppelin


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Apologies if this is the wrong section, but I can't find a more appropriate one.

I got an iwave bluetooth receiver from flebay, primarily for use with my B&W Zeppelin as I no longer have an iPhone with traditional 30 pin. My new phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3, but I also have an iPod Nano (with the new connector)

It works fine with any Bluetooth device initially BUT, when you use it a 2nd time, the audio 'drops out' every minute or so for a second with is just too annoying to be useful. The time between dropouts changes.

I know it's not interference or range and my suspicions are confirmed because it works fine on another (inferior) docking system.

I suspect that the receiver is remembering the devices used, because even if I unpair them and restart the phone/iPad, I still get the issue. Could it be 'hunting' for something?

I don't suppose anyone has any suggestions? There are LOADS of these Bluetooth receivers all over ebay and Amazon and they look like they're all repackaged versions of the same item (from China I believe), so someone else must have had tried one with a Zeppelin.


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Hi, did you ever get this solved? I'm having problems finding a suitable Bluetooth adapter for my monitor audio ideck dock which I think shares the same issue with the zeppelin. I've gone through two different adapters which don't work. The problem is I think the monitor audio like the zeppelin takes its stream digitally from the source for reasons I think are better sound quality. The typical 30 pin Bluetooth adapters seen on ebay and amazon only send analogue signals to the dock hence I can pair with the adapter but no sound is coming out. My only other alternative is getting a Bluetooth adapter with a 3.5mm jack output and use that with the dock. But I'm wondering if you had any success finding a suitable adapter as it will be a cleaner set up.


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sorry kungfuman I just bought a 2nd hand ipod classic from an AVF member. I use the bluetooth adapter on a different speaker dock and it works fine.

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