Bluetooth & Laptop for Mother in Law!


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The mother in law is coming to Uk for a year (she's South African). She won't have access to wired or wireless internet as she'll be moving around and staying with other people. I think she'd be better off using internet cafe nor local library for e-mails and web, but she's been told that she should get a laptop and connect via mobile phone. She's not at all technically minded and I just think she'll spend all that money buying the stuff and then be calling me all the time to sort out her connections. However, if it's reliable and I set it up in advance then maybe it'll work.

So, I reckon she needs a bluetooth dongle for laptop, a bluetooth phone (you can get new Sony Ericsson T610's off ebay for £69), a suitable SIM that will allow GPRS connection and then set it up so she just needs to click to connect.

A few questions:

1. How reliable, once set up, would this kind of connection be, or will it be a case of having lots of resetting up and troubleshooting?

2. Is it realistic for her to seek this kind of solution and expect it to just work?

3. Any one know of cheap recommended basic tariff's that allow for internet/data connection

Any help appreciated as, unless it works, spending all that cash would be a shame when she probably can't really afford it given low South African salaries.



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Hi Simon

Yes, thanks for that. I know about those cards. She needs a phone anyway and the cards start at around £150 plus usage. I was hoping to cut back on costs as much as I can for her. However, it may be that it's still the best solution tho' as it cuts out the bluetooth connection issues and they operate at 3G speeds too.


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Have you thought about a Xda IIi here?
"a tri-band GPRS Mobile combined with a PDA"
Or a Blackberry?
I don't have either (!) but one my suit more than a laptop + phone (and cost less too!)


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Yes, would do the job for me and you, but it's another gaget for her to learn.

She has basic knowledge of computers, Word, Outlook, etc and also has a mobile phone out there. As she's pretty tech-phobic easier for her to transfer knowledge and she really wants a laptop to do other stuff with like watch DVD's apparently!

Anyway, have now ordered her a Dell laptop as some decent reductions, easy pick up and drop back if needs repair, and freebies like extra memory, printer (even though sh**!) for letters, and carriage. Also got her a T610 for £69 and an Orange PAYG SIM via ebay so she can buy a monthly data package.

I'll set it up and then hopefully it'll work. If not, I'll be pulling my hair out on regular basis!!!!!! :rolleyes:

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