Bluetooth Keyboards and the 360


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I'd like to get a Bluetooth keyboard so I can use it with my laptop, PS3 and Xbox 360. I'm liking the look of the Apple Wireless Keyboard but I'm open to recommendations.

Could I do plug a USB Bluetooth dongle into my 360 and then use the Bluetooth keyboard for text entry?

Has anybody tried doing this?


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Not going to work. The bluetooth dongle would need some kind of software driver to make it work which the 360 won't be able to provide for it. It's a non-starter I'm afraid.


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Thanks for the feedback Desmo!

I should imagine you're right mate. Do you think I'd have more success using a wireless RF based link? Or perhaps I could use a USB cable to connect the Apple Wireless Keyboard to the 360 and use the kb's Bluetooth link to connect it to the laptop and the PS3..?

Just realised the Apple Wireless Keyboard doesn't have a USB port on it. Always sad to see a fine idea go down in flames at such an early age...


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Why would you expect a bluetooth keyboard to have a usb port on it? bluetooth isn't anything to do with usb and is much much slower, the wired keyboards still have usb hub built into them, but that wouldn't help any with that situation anyway as it's a host port, not a slave port.

as to RF keyboards, I would imagine that most should probably work, as I believe the special usb receiver on those appears to the system as a normal usb keyboard.

for the 360 the message pad addon for controller is really best way to go for typing the odd note and naming stuff though, no idea if the apple wireless keyboard works easily with ps3's and windows though, as I've only used mine on a mac.


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Thanks for your input DragonOfSilver.

I thought having a USB port on a Bluetooth question would be a reasonable feature to have since it would let you charge the keyboard if the batteries are low or let you keep using it if they die out.

But anyway, all this gave me a new way to look at the problem. So I Googled the specs on some of the more popular Bluetooth keyboards and this is what I found:

The MS Desktop 8000 is a Bluetooth keyboard with USB ports and it sounds pretty much exactly what I was after although it is a bit pricey. I wonder if anybody has tried one of these..?


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As far as i can see all this simply is is the base station comes too (which is Bluetooth). So there's still the same problem as before where the Xbox will not be able to use the base station as it's bluetooth. It's certainly how my logitech mouse works, where the charging station is also a bluetooth radio, so when you plug it in rather than recognising it as a mouse (as would happen with RF) it recognises it as a bluetooth radio (as would happen if you were to stick a standard bluetooth receiver stick in ).

Sorry to dissapoint.


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It depends whether the keyboard just connects to the dongle with bluetooth, or whether it comes with a bluetooth adaptor.

I use my RF keyboard with the 360 fine, because the RF adaptor just appears as a USB keyboard to the 360. If the bluetooth dongle merely appears as a usb keyboard you are fine. However, it is requires pairing to the keyboard via software then it wont work.


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I'm pretty sure the BT Keyboard and Mice appear as a bluetooth device to a computer as you can normally use the bluetooth to connect other devices too.

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