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30% discount currently available on the following...

Regular Bluetooth Headsets now £69.99

Bluetooth Headset with adaptor kit (for non-Bluetooth Phones) now £89.99

See here (direct link)

K. :)

[Edit - Incorrect Link :blush:]


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Originally posted by graham.myers
are you advertising your own site here? as a mod you should no better :)

Originally posted by Spectre
Commercial organisations may inform forum members about thier own special offers provided:-

1. The offers are genuinely special. I.e. not just standard discounts but real unusual bargains.

2. the details of specific items are given factually and not worded like an advert. No 'great offers at...' type posts.

3. the vendor handles sale of the goods away from the forums. I.e. the AV Forums will not become a support forum for the vendor.

Assuming the above wasn't posted in a Sticky at the top of this forum, and I hadn't PM'd Spectre prior to posting this, I may well agree with you... ;)

The rules entirely allow me to post the above link.

For the record, the site doesn't "belong" to me - I work for the site in an advertising capacity and have my own sub-domain so that my work can be evaluated, and my pay calculated correctly. I have no intention of touting for business here in any way that does not sit in line with forum policy.

I simply promote the site - all sales/queries are dealt with by the site owners.


[Edit - Sarcastic comment removed - Sorry, having a bad day :blush:]


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It seems there are a couple of errors on the compatability chart relating to these headsets.

I've just sent a mail to the site administrators in the hope that they can make some changes shortly but in the meantime, if you're unsure as to Bluetooth functionality on your particular headset then ask here and i'll get back to you as to whether the Bluetooth adaptor is required :)

Many Thanks,



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Originally posted by darren7
well over price anyway.......sorry just my view

A little unfair... A quick search on Google or Kelkoo reveals plenty of similar models with varying prices - the majority of which tend to be far more than is advertised here. Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but I disagree - I wouldn't have posted this here otherwise :)

As with anything there are cheap, and expensive models (AV is a classic example! ;)) - "you pays yer money, you takes yer choice" :)


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