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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones Forum' started by swarrans, Jun 4, 2004.

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    In the continuing quest to make my new Ipaq 2210 and TT3 SatNav system useable in an open car, I'd like to hear the voice commands via a Bluetooth headset. I tried a Sony HBH 30 and Plantronics M3000 but in both cases when trying to "pair" them no services show up on the Ipaq to select.
    It's rather frustrating as it looks like it "nearly" works because icons of the headset and model numbers show up on the Ipaq.
    HP, Plantronics and Sony's helplines have not been useful - the headset helplines infer that it should work but say that as the headset is designed for mobile phones they don't support it for Ipaq (but sort of hint that they could tell me how to do it if they could be bothered!)
    Why do I want to use these headsets - cos I already own them!
    Does anyone have any ideas, or know of a "Super-Nerdy" Forum where people may know the answers!


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