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I'm getting a little annoyed with not hearing the ipad at full volume, especially as the speaker faces away from me. So I am getting a pair of Bluetooth Headphones which I hope are going to solve this issue and be a better option for commuting with my iphone.

I started looking at the
Sennheiser MM450, but they come in around £180 and its a bit steep, although with the noise cancelling probably a cracking buy. If I start feel rich I might treat myself.

But on the iphone forum someone just recommended these: - Online Store

Under £20 delivered I will report back on how I find them while using them with my ipad2 and iphone 4.


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Please do report back on how you go on with this headphones :thumbsup:

I've been looking for a pair recently myself and those are very well priced



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Just got an email saying the headphones are OOS on the website too. really annoyed as the stock level said Plenty! Hopefully either Amazon or 7DayShop direct will fulfill the order.


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Headphones are back in stock and £2 cheaper. A quick email to them and they have dispatched them and refunded the difference.

Delivery should be within 7 days (wonder where they got their name!)


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I bought the Sennheiser MM100 and there awesome :) best headphones i've bought in a long time (since i stopped gaming anyway).


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Headphones arrived today.

Here's the SP:

Unboxed the headphones, it includes a pouch and a USB cable to charge the battery.
It's recommended to perform 3 Full charges and discharges to optimise the battery performance. (I'll report back on early battery life)

The headphones have 5 buttons.
1x general multifunction (MF)
Vol up
Vol down
Skip forward
Skip back

Nearly all the commands are handled by the MF button.

Setup was very easy for my iPhone 4, haven't done my iPad yet. (not sure what happens when they are both in range)

I turned it on (MF for 3 secs), then switched bluetooth on in Settings. MF for 7 secs until blue and red light flash on headphones. iPhone discovers. Done. (if you are prompted for a security code it's 0000.

So when I got to the train station, I put the headphones on, turned them on and pressed the MF and BOOM, music!!

Sound quality is average/good. But for £18 I'm chuffed. If I was travelling on airplanes or very loud underground I could justify the Sennheiser or BOSE noise cancellation.

Sound is clear, not much Bass at all, certainly weighed to the mid and treble. Sting, Bryan Adams and The Feeling sound clear, Bon Jovi and my Euphoric Hard House stuff is disappointing.

Buttons are accessible and intuitive. Headstrap is well placed, I can lean my head on the seat rest and they are not in the way. Ear pads are soft but may get sweaty during prolonged use in hot weather or during exercise.

But being free of wires and able to leave me iPhone in my bag is really useful.

I will report back on battery life and performance during a run/exercise. I will also give the range a test.

Early rating would be a 7 out of 10, given the price.


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Mine arrived today. First thought, cheap! That's because they were :laugh:

Only used them for a few minutes but seem decent enough. It's very handy being able to pause, skip etc. without having to use the iPhone. They paired up with my iPad2 easily too


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I bought these a while back Moor Stereo Bluetooth Headset to use with my iPhone 4 and they are actually really good for the price.

I watched the video before buying and was quite impressed, although I don't think they work really well when going round the back of the head its only for over the top. The sound quality is clear and good, not too bassy but still.

I started using them for my iPad 2 as well and I'm still impressed not had any problems so far and I am a big fan of the folding sides so I can easily put them in my bag with my iPad and not worry about them snapping or anything. :thumbsup:

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