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I have all but completed my full house voice control, and it is working well. 3 of the 4 voice control points use standard desktop mics with manual mute slider buttons. The main voice control point uses an array mic and this does not have a mute facility. To use this particular mic and avoid faulty triggering (TV etc.) I either manually switch on/ off the power to the device or activate/ deactivate VR on the computer.

Functionality would be much improved if all the microphones and VR software where constantly on and a universal mute button was used for all. So the solution I am toying with is, as the title suggests, a bluetooth enabled portable on/ off or mute/ unmute switch. This could be in the form of a lapel badge or similar. Think... Star Trek! Something that could be worn by the usuer while in the house to perform the mute funtion.

I have tried several search string variations on google (the font of all knowledge that is google requires specific values in order to bring up the most appealing hits - as we all know) but so far have drawn a blank. Is anyone aware of a solution that would cover this particular scenario? A portable bluetooth enabled button with editable funtionality would be fine. Or perhaps something could be botched to work?

Here is a link that shows a portable networking device - this one has voice on it - I would require a button only as voice would drain the battery, need constant recharging and also be too large for the intended purpose.

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