Bluetooth Earphones with "Flat" Earbuds (do such things even exist?). :-)


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Hello Everyone,

I have a pair of Cootree 240 bluetooth earphones. They sound great to me, and I really love them! They are also inexpensive. (I'm sure that much better sounding earphones can be found if you are willing to pay more, but these do fine for me.)

Cootree� C240 QCY Bluetooth 4.1 Portable: Electronics

My partner is also interested in bluetooth earphones, but of the "flat" earbud type, due to "not liking things in my ears". I have tried saying, "Get over it.", but my partner is adamant on this point. Just to avoid any confusion, the type of earbud I have in mind can be seen in the following picture:

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I have looked for some time, and I'm not sure if it is even possible to find bluetooth earphones of this type. The sound quality would need to be reasonable, but it wouldn't have to be excellent. A "budget" pair of earphones would be fine.

Does anybody have any ideas? Either with or without a plastic headband would be fine.

Please comment below if there is anything you could suggest.

Thank you very much.

Best wishes.



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Hi Rich,

Obviously (actually, maybe not obviously) you could go for the Apple AirPods (AirPods) but they are quite expensive and to get the most out of them, you need to have an iPhone.

Alternatives, such as the Plantronic Backbeat Fit (BackBeat FIT | Plantronics) May suit. Plantronic get reasonable write ups.

These are cheaper still (and I've never heard of them, but at the price, you could give them a punt and see)

They all sit in the ear to a certain degree though, so it depends on how little your partner likes having things in their ears.

For info, I searched "Bluetooth ear buds" to find the latter 2. I prefer the ones that squash into the ear canal as they feel secure. I've therefore not listened to any of the above. It's worth searching the names of the earbud that looks like the right pair and the word "review" to see if anyone has an opinion.

Inner fidelity and headgear websites as well as this one may have reviews.

Not sure how much help this has been, but hopefully some.




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I've seen people go this route; get a set of ear buds with removable MMCX cables and buy an MMCX Bluetooth module. For example;

Senfer PT15 paired with a Bluetooth cable module

You can order the PT15 without a cable which saves quite a bit. I haven't heard them myself and have only tried one Bluetooth module (from the ADVANCED Model 3), so I personally can't vouch for this route based on experience. It's worth looking into though.


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Dear James and B9scrambler,

Thank you so much for your replies, and I'm very sorry for the slow response to you both.

I must have missed the email alerts!

I will investigate all of these options, and will pass this information on to my partner. Hopefully something will suit!

Many thanks again!

Best wishes.



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No worries. Good luck finding some. I'd be interested to know if you find anything decent. I have a friend who doesn't like the iem type earphones.

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