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I recently installed a pioneer DEH-P55BT in my car and the bluetooth works really well so far.

Be aware that the FM radio will not work properly in the UK and you may also get stung for tax and duty by customs.


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It's not the bluetooth model but I recently bought a VR3 VRCD500-SDU CD/WMA/MP3 player with SD, USB & aux interfaces on Ebay for £45. For the most part I'm happy but there are one or two niggles worth mentioning.

Firstly mine didn't come with an ISO connector. That cost an extra £10. Then there's the MP3 playback. It plays WMAs my Panasonic wouldn't play but every so often playback just stops & then restarts. It's possible to adjust the anti shock buffer but this doesn't help.

The other glitch is that it doesn't like the occasional MP3 & after refusing to play them it reverts back to the first track on the root directory of the disk. I haven't had a chance to look deeply into this yet but it's not a bit rate issue, as the failures I've had so far have been at standard rates (128 etc) & not variable.

Finding tracks, particularly on large flash cards, can also be problematic. It's possible to search through each track one at a time and it's also possible to skip past 10 tracks at a time. For a more accurate search you can access a file search menu which will allow browsing through the names of the folders on the card/disc. This would be fine if the names were faithfully reproduced but they're not. Sometimes just the odd letter is missed & sometimes many of them. Often the display just shows gibberish & you have to guess which might be the folder you're looking for. I recently took to putting the sd card into my pda & playing that through the aux slot, because at least that way all the tracks would be played & I could search them logically. The only downer was that the tracks played in alphabetical order & not the original album order. But that's Windows Mobile 5.0 for you.

The radio tunes in OK but doesn't have RDS or AF or TA, so you don't get the station name, you don't get traffic announcements & it doesn't automatically retune to the strongest signal. In other words, it's a bit basic & took me back about 15-20 years.

So there you have it, for the money you're getting a lots of flexibility & input options, but don't expect perfection. I'll probably change it again next year for something with a similar sd/usb setup but without the duff bits.

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