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Bluetooth AVCRP joy


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My life is complete - nearly.

I've been using sennheiser MM450 bt phones for 12 months now, initially with my iPod and now with the iPad and didn't realize until too late that you couldn't fwd or rwd tracks without AVCRP which wasn't present on either.

Joy of joys - with the new iOS I can now fwd,pause,rwd tracks to my hearts content. At least I assume it's the new iOS as I didn't notice before.:)

All I need now is an iPad version of spotify and life would be perfect.....:mad:


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My bluetooth options would be complete if it included the apt-x codec rather than it requiring I buy a separate apt-x Bluetooth dongle.

I suspect that will a iPad version 2 feature though.


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I'm using a Nokia BH-505 headset, I used to be able to enable Bluetooth on the iPad, turn on headset = connected, but now it seems to want to pair every time it's turned on :thumbsdow

I havent tried the tracks changing, but it never used to work, so I'll give that a go today.

EDIT: tested and yes it now does the track forwards/reverse! Of course it goes a bit funny on shuffle, so wont reverse to the last random track, but being able to now skip songs is awesome :thumbsup:
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I also have the sennheiser MM450 headphones and confirm you could skip tracks etc before IOS 4.2, I have also bought a sennheiser BTD 300 audio transmitter because this has the apt-x codec, only to find the MM450 does not support it!!! (gutted). Ridiculous considering the price of both items!!!!!!!!!


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Hi and just came accross your post as im also been googling and found out yes these do support APT-X Well thats according to Sennheiser direct, but im not convinced !! surely they do as they the more expensive ones, also im curious to wether i will need the bluetooth dongle apt-x to support these headphones to my iphone 4 or will the Bluetooth apt-x audio adaptor do the job and still connect to my iphone 4 ?

Hope you get this as i see you last posted in december, im hoping i havnt gota buy the previous version of the sennheiser 310bt as they dont have an internal mic, oh well i await your response and hope you have sorted your senns out now,

Also is the sound quality good and also are they loud and do the noise cancelling good at home? hope to hear soon from brian


Hello mate,

I can now confirm they do have apt-x, I have tested with my macbook air and there is no delay and sound quality is excellent.
They connect to my iphone 3gs, ipad and ipod touch without the need for the dongle, I use the dongle to connect to my amp and my desktop computer, when I connect to the desktop there is a delay when watching a video or gaming.

In general the sound quality is great, noise cancelling works great in bluetooth mode and they have a good range on them, I would certainly recommend them especially as they have come down in price since I bought mine.
Depending on what you want to connect to, I dont think the dongle is necessary.
Its also good sound when you receive a phone call on them as its in stereo.

Hope that helps, feel free to ask any questions.


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Hi and wow what a great reply with detail, so you definately comfirm
They have or support apt-x ? And also i will be using with my iphone4 , so do i need the dongle or bluetooth adaptor so i get true apt-x from music within iphone, or would u say dont worry bout it, or should i just go for the apt-x audio adaptor so i can listen to dvds etc? Just realy wana make sure before buying em at £225 !! And i was just guna go for the basic sens 210 or 310 but then realised they didnt have the mic built in but definately got apt-x !! Hope to hear soon and again many thanks from brian


To be honest I wouldn't bother with the dongle, when apt-x first came out you required a dongle to send it, and a apt-x receiver to receive it.
Apple are adopting apt-x in their devices and I believe its just a software upgrade to ios for iphone, so a dongle would become excess to requirements.

I would just get the mm 450 and see what you think of the sound quality when using bluetooth, I can hardly tell the difference when using my iphone 3gs with or without the dongle, like I said, I got the dongle to use with other devices like my receiver ( yamaha RXV 3900 ) I could have got the Yamaha bluetooth dongle but would only have been able to use it with the amp. The dongle I got fits anything with a headphone jack so it comes in handy for older devices.

Lets us know how you get on.

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