Bluesound Pulse 2i vs Pulse Mini 2i


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Hello all. I'm in the process of switching my home audio over to a streaming setup and have settled on Bluesound. Main room will use a Powernode connected to my existing passive speakers. Kitchen will have a Pulse 2i. For the third room, where we only play music once in a while, I'm debating between the Pulse 2i and the Pulse Mini 2i. The Mini's smaller form and lower price are attractive for that room, but I am concerned that I will regret cheaping out. How is the Mini? If you rate the Pulse a 10, what would you rate the Mini? I know, the Pulse is not a "10" of a speaker, I'm just asking about their relative merits. Nowhere local I can listen to them.

Thank you.


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I have the Pulse 2i Mini. I've not heard anything else from Bluesound for reference.

In all honesty, it's an awful piece of kit. I'm selling mine. I had my garage converted into a summer house at the start of the year so wanted a small music system that I could stream Spotify to. My budget was £500 so this seamed like a no brainier and after some recommendations, I bought one without listening. It was lockdown and getting demo's wasn't possible at my local place.

Here are my gripes:
1. It takes ages to turn on and connect to the Wi-Fi. I turn it on then have to wait almost a minute before the lights go blue and the app picks up that it is on. It's also is a pain to turn off. I have to hold the play button down for about 25 seconds before it does anything.

2. The app. This works approximately 30% of the time. The other 70% ends up with me having to unplug, wait, plug in, turn on, wait and then hope that my favourites and USB library show up. This can be repeated several times before working. The last time I used it, I only had to do this once but thankfully, it showed up after an unplug.

3. Price and sound. I know it's not a stereo setup but I have a £500 B&W Zeppelin in the lounge that blows this away in terms of dynamics, punch and overall quality. At this price range I was expecting a lot more. It's not terrible but more like a £150 - £200 speaker. There's no way this is worth anywhere near the asking price.

I've actually stopped using as it frustrates me so much. I'm currently using a Bose soundlink mini travel speaker with Spotify. It even sounds better. I'm going to get a one box stereo setup after I sell it. Just working out whether to spend similar budget or go all out and get a Naim Atom and B&W bookshelf speaker setup.

Just my thoughts based on ownership anyway. Maybe I have a dud and others work every time. Like any solution, try and get a demo and see how you get on before buying.


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I have a Pulse 2i in the bedroom, I haven't experienced any of the issues that toon10 has & think it sounds really good.

I agree re price though, I would never have paid the RRP, bought mine from a dealer on ebay auction for a really good price.


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I have a Pulse Mini 2i and I haven't experienced any of the issues that toon10 has. It takes about 15 seconds to start up and 5 seconds to power down. The BluOS app works 99% of the time, and any issues are solved by a force stop on Android. It does sound like toon10 has a dud unit.

The reason I went with the Mini was space constraints (it's primarily sat on a window sill) and a desire to have a more portable solution for the garden. I'm very happy with it; it gives a surprising amount of punch and volume for a small (ish) unit, and it handles a broad range of rock music deftly. I have a Node 2 as well, so the convenient and flexible BluOS system is a big plus point.

If you're not constrained by space, price or portability, then I'd say go for the bigger unit.


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Thanks all. I ended up going with the Mini for the small room. It's ... fine. Neither the Mini nor the regular Pulse are great, but they are better than the common alternatives (that I've been able to audition) and a good version of what they are. Space is limited in the room where the Mini lives and while a Pulse would sound better, the Mini is ... fine. I have not had problems like you, toon10, although I have had some connection issues requiring an occasional reboot of either the router or the Bluesound units.

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