Bluesound Node (N130) - Homekit / Siri shortcuts. Automations and N130 presets function


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Hello guys,

I am looking at the new Bluesound Node (N130) 2021 to use it as a music streamer for Spotify, FLAC library and some Internet Radio (a couple of stations to be honest and maybe give it a go with Radio Paradise). Before i proceed with my purchase I have some questions, or lets say some use scenarios, that I cannot find any answers online.

I am a heavy user of Apple Homekit and Siri shortcuts and I am trying to dive into the whole smart home thing. Based on that i would like to know if i can use Siri shortcuts (not voice commands but shortcuts from the iOS shortcuts app) that will be able to do the following:

- Play a specific playlist from my Spotify account to the Bluesound Node with out any manual work. Just press the shortcut button and start the whole process of streaming. The amp is gonna be ON and on the right AUX port by another command.

- Use the custom presets on the top of the device, the small dots, to work as shortcuts via Siri. For example: Create a Siri shortcut via the iOS Shortcuts app that will recall the Preset 1, Preset 2 etc. Each Preset will be "developed" via the BlueOS app. Lets say that Preset 1 will be Radio Stream -> Tunein Radio -> Station XXXXX Preset 2 will be Spotify-> Playlists-> Playlist name XXXXXX

- I have a couple of homepod minis that are in the bedroom, kitchen and office. The Node will be connected via RCA on my amp which is in the living room. Can i have the same music playing on all rooms from all 4 devices?

I have tried to explain my needs as clear as possible but if you need any further info or a better description for some scenarios please let me know and i will provide all the needed info. Additionally, if anyone of you uses the node in a Homekit setup i would love to know the experience he/she has with it so far.

thanks a lot


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