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Blue Wizard - need your help


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You seem to be THE guy on here lol.

Quick question. i know of somewhere that are doing a pretty good deal for some floorstanding speakers. centre and rears for £500. however no sub

I was tempted to buy the boston acoustics 5.1 package for £200, they should be fine

but is it really worth spending the extra £300 and getting seperates?


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one other thing. will my harmon kardon 171 receiver even be able to handle all this

i bought the receiver recently for £200 with the sole intention of getting the tannoys/budget bostons

but now im thinking BIG and its like. can this receiver handle it


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Which Boston 5.1 package?

What do you mean by an extra £300 on separates? Separate what?

A quick check indicates the Harman Kardon AVR-171 is about £399 to £499, that should make this a pretty good amp, and since you already bought it, I wouldn't worry about it.



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Thank you very much for replying so quickly.

The boston acoustics are a 5.1 package consisting of satellites and just a sub for £200.

What i mean by separates, was building a 5.1 package using different speakers instead of a package deal.

i see these floorstanding speakers, a centre and two rears for £500.

is it worth the extra £300 going for big ass speakers instead of the package


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Are these the Boston Acoustic speaker you are considering -


Then, I have to ask, why am I providing your with the Boston Acoustic model numbers and a link? I can only help you to the extent you will help me. If these are not the Boston speakers you are considering, then provide me with the exact model numbers and if possible a link.

"i see these floorstanding speakers, a centre and two rears for £500."

So, out of all the thousands of speakers made around the world, I'm suppose to guess which speakers these are, and give you my opinion of them?

"is it worth the extra £300 going for big ass speakers instead of the package"

I couldn't possible say since I don't know what the speaker are.

What amp will you be using the speaker with? If you have a Stereo amp, there is no point in buying a 5.1 speaker system. If you have an AV Receiver and your priorities are geared toward music, then it is pointless to have tiny satellite speakers.

From what little I can gather, you might have an amp?

From what little I can gather you have up to £500, at least for now, for speakers?

But that is all I can gather.

The more you help me, the more I can help you.



Standard Member
I'm sorry for being awfully vague. Yes, those are the speakers. the boston acoustics

and yes, i have an AV receiver and i would like to also listen to music using a 5.1 setup, so thank you for confirming small satelites arent going to be the best for listening to music on. that i will need bigger speakers for this.

pardon my rudeness, but i didnt want to specify the brand of speakers because im sure someone else will snap this deal up shortly and they arent making these speakers any longer. not that particular model anyway.

and i must say £200 is my budget for a 5.1 surround sound. and the bostons meet that quite nicely. but buying floorstanders. centre and rears for £500. i just dont know whether its worth the extra £300

is there a massive significance between watching movies and listening to music on satalites...when compared to spending twice as much and more on floorstanders. centre and rears


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Despends on the speakers. Nobody will be able to give a definite answer without knowing what speakers they are.


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As above without knowing the speakers it is hard to pass judgement. If you give the make/model then we will still not know where you have seen them for the price you quote. It is unlikely that naming the speakers will mean someone else will buy them before you.
If the other speakers are heavily discounted then I would say it is a fair bet that they will be better than the Bostons which are a budget sub/sat system. You could then add a sub to them later. If they are worth the extra is very subjective. What is worth it to one person would not be for someone else.

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