Blue tint/hue on bottom of screen on LG CX 55 inch?



I am the owner of an LG CX 55 inch and I have noticed some blue tint/lighter area on the very bottom of my screen. The TV probably has 40-80 viewing hours(idk how to check that stat in the service menu, I also heard that doing so voids warranty). The bottom blue tint is usually visible in lighter color scenes, such as a scene featuring a parking lot made of concrete, or a character wearing a light colored shirt. Then there's other scenes with a white/gray background/large object where theres no blue tint/hue present! what gives! sometimes I swear I can see a "line" too, where the hue normally would be. Not sure if my eyes are just playing tricks...

The TV itself is about eyelevel when I am viewing, with me being "closer" to the bottom bezel. The bottom bezel rests about 3 inches below eye level, and I sit around 7 feet away. I have tried googling this issue, and have come across people saying the blue tint could be a result of the protective coating at work, which can be seen at certain (viewing) angles. So, after reading that I tried standing up and walking to the TV and I swear the blue reduces greatly (but a little still seems to be there) on the bottom when standing up and looking at the bottom from about 5 inches away. I have tried to replicate this issue on the top of the screen and the sides to see if it is a viewing angle issue by crouching and standing at other ends of my room and I simply cannot produce the same effect on the tops and/or sides by manipulating my angle.

Not really sure if my eyes are lying to me or what, I mean it is sometimes there on lighter colored scene but then it also isn't on others! That's what gets me, but I also know color tints are rather common with OLEDs, so I am not even sure if I should exchange the TV just to get another "dud". My issue isn't even that bad, I have seen some examples of really obvious bad ones - mine isn't that dramatic. I can live with it, but I definitely do notice it at times but again, what if it is just the protective coating?

I have tried taking photos of the issue, and photos can't really capture it. According to the photos, the scene and screen look fine! So I guess I am at small dilemma here, and figured I'd chat it up with fellow enthusiasts to figure out what to do.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great New Year!

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