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    I have a Sony Hi8 camcorder which has worked, and continues to work fine, except when I transfer footage to DVD.
    In the past I have put most of my 8mm & Hi8 recordings onto SVHS. I have no problems when doing this, and have done it for years. Last year I bought myself a DVD recorder, which I am thrilled with, but have a niggly problem when using my camera with it.
    When I connect the camcorder to my Sony TV using an SVHS cable, the picture is fine. When I connect the camcorder to the SVHS machine and dub, it is fine. But when I put the camcorder to the DVD recorder via SVHS or composite I get a blue streak across the top of the picture. This is not a solid band of colour...more like a wash. On my 32" w/s tv, this appears from left to right on the screen, and about 3" in depth from the top.
    When I play an off air SVHS recording through the DVD player, I do not get this. A mate recntly asked me to copy his holiday video from his DV camcorder onto DVD, having no firewire, I used the SVHS feed, and this was OK.
    My thoughts are that the camcorder has a noisy svhs feed, which is only picked up by the DVD, but I cannot be sure. I have no other HI8 player in order to test whether the noise has been recorded onto the tape, or whether it is just a fault on playback.

    Any help would be appreciated
    ps. I have posted this before on the DVD Recorder forum, and while lots of people helped, I have not found a solution..........if there is one. :lease:

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