blue screen of death


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after asking a previous question here i was informed the problem i have with my computer is commonly known as the 'blue screen of death' not being computer minded and reading a article on wikpedia i'm none the wiser. i gather this is a hard dive problem. my question is should i get my pc repaired or would i just be better of buying a new one.suggestion appreciated.


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a blue screen of death doesn't necessarily mean your hard drive is dead, and needs to be written off! It could just as easily be software-related, in which case, it could be a relatively easy fix.

in either case, if you're not "computer minded" (as you put it :) ), you're best bet is to get someone who is to look at it for you!


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It's quite possible that windows has corrupted itself. Had you just downloaded lots of updates or installed any new software? That's normally the cause, not hardware. It may mean that you will need to re-install Windows and you may lose data stored on the computer. As md1542 says, if you're not computer-minded, then find someone who is to have a look. First ports of call would be look at the bios when first loading the machine to see if it recognises the hard disk and the ram. If it is, then I'd put money on the problem being software corruption.

Good luck.


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thanks for the advice i did get in touch with dell when this problem first started several months back now and they did a complete re-install over the phone, however the problem was back after several days and has come and gone ever since. i did have a friend who was suppose to come and look at it but he kept putting it off so i have now had enough.


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It's quite possible that windows has corrupted itself
Gasp Shock Horror! The thoughts :suicide:

I've been through this before myself. If you can, borrow a friends copy of XP and try a completely fresh install. Wipe the drive of allll data and start again.

If might be there's a problem with the memory, as this could potentially cause it, but if a clean install worked again, my money is on a corrupt piece of software from MS.

If you can, get a clean NEW Windows disc from someone and try that install.



As it is a Dell you will find a test area on the HDD with utilities that may help. On the PC's at work you hit the F12 key at the Dell splash screen. There is an option on a menu that loads to test the IDE drives. If it passes this test then there must be a hardware or software fault somewhere else. If it fails then call Dell and get a replacement HDD.


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