blue/red texture-dependent flicker

Discussion in 'Xbox Forums' started by Aragosta, Apr 26, 2007.

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    I bought my 360 thirteen months ago. About three-four months ago I noted that there was a flickering appearing during load screens in Oblivion. Later, this started appearing in-game as well. As it seemed to be limited to this game only I thought it a software issue. Later, the problem started appearing in other games as well, and recently, most of my games show this phenomenon.

    Some details:
    I am playing on a Samsung HDTV, and have experimented with various settings. I have tried all resolutions, including non-HD through the composite connection. I normally use component, on HD *720p or 1080i*. When the problem is "active", nothing helps.

    The problem is texture-dependent,and seems to be aggravated/provoked by complex textures such as cliff faces/stone w alot of gray or brown shades. In-game, I can have a lot of flickering when looking at one such texture, while turning a little bit and loking at the sky will stop it completely.

    The problem never appears when the dashboard is active, and very rarely during in-game menus. Nor does it ever appear when playing a dvd.

    It seems to be time-dependent, in that it is rare to see it during the first hour or so of gaming. Once it becomes apparent, it is consistent, although texture-dependent.

    I have seen it in 10+ games, with varying intensity. They include OB, GOW, GRAW, Dead Rising, Crackdown etc. I have only one instance of a Live Arcade title (out of ten) showing the phenomenon (Castlevania), and only in one screen.

    The screen flickers, and for a split second there is reddish/blueish noise layer, in horizontal or vertical bands over the screen. This sometimes results in lost frames, and staggered gameplay (apart from being a serious nuisance to the eye).

    I have never seen any red lights on my console. It has not been opened or modified in any way. It does get pretty warm during long sessions. This can be felt readily on the surface, and especially on the discs that have been inside. It is in horizontal position on the floor, with free space all around it.

    Anyone experiencing something similar, or know something useful?

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    Sounds like a problem with the gpu, I'd attempt to return it to the retailer for a replacement. Shouldn't be doing that.

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