Blue Ray player with the best sound quality?


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I'm looking to build a HiFi / Cinema system starting from scratch. So far I have a 60inch LG plasma and I will soon be getting Sky HD.

I want the system primarily for listening to CDs. My top prority is having the clearest possible high quality sound. My secondary prioroty is having a sound system for watching TV and Blu Ray films.

With that in mind I was considering the option of getting a Blu Ray player with the best possible sound and using that for also playing my CDs, rather than buying a CD player and Blu Ray player seperately.

Is that a sensible approach? If so what is the best Blu Ray player on the market for sound quality?

I dont have a set budget but I'm thinking of £2,000-£3,000 total spend for player, amp, speakers.

Any advice would be appreciated as I'm very new to this world and my knowledge is very limited.



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I think you're best bet is to get separate BD and CD players.

More generally, if your priority is music, you may be best to avoid HD proessors and amplifiers.

Difficult question; I'm not sure anyone has the answer.



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What I mean are multi-channel pre-amp / processors or integrated AV amplifiers that can process high definition, multi-channel, digital audio from a blu-ray layer.

They often do video processing and room equalisation as well. They're a jack of all trades, and guess what?

Stereo performance is usually the first to suffer. I'm afraid there are more questions than answers at the moment.



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Okay so the set up you suggest is:

- CD player
- HiFi Amp
- A pair of HiFi speakers
- Blu-Ray player

Then connect my tele to the HiFi amp, so my sound comes through the speakers?


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You haven't stated whether you want multi-channel audio from Blu and/or Sky.
If not spend it all on a high quality stereo system.
If you do, you'll need to make major compromises.

Do you have a seperate room you could use for stereo listening? 2500 on a stereo and 500 on an all-in-one for the movies.

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