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Oct 17, 2003
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Good afternoon

I recently bought a NTSC DVD (The Thing) to test the playback on my Philips 963SA with the Panasonic PD30. I applied the region 1 hack to the 963SA some time ago and have watched PAL DVDs with no problems for some time.

When The Thing started (progressive) everyones faces appeared blue, going onto interlaced component everything was fine and it was also ok on the SCART. I've not really changed much on the 963SA (just increased the sharpness and set the playback mode to auto). I then placed DVE NTSC (region 0) and it played fine on progressive.

I put The Thing on and instead of playing the movie I went into the bonus features, these played with the correct colors etc, I then went into the movie and the blue face color problem had gone away.

Last night I played Gladiator (PAL) extra disk (which I've not played before) and I got the blue faces again I started changing settings on the DVD player and when I changed progressive output from default to 480p the color was corrected, I then went back to the default and again the color was fine?

Has anyone had similar problems with the 963SA?, or it may even be a problem with the tv.

I'm not sure about this, but it might have to do with differences in output level of the color components for different standards. I don't know what the levels are for 480p output, but if it is 'raw' unscaled Y/R-Y/B-Y as opposed to scaled YUV, and the TV is expecting scaled YUV, it will multiply B-Y by 2.032 and R-Y by 1.140. That could certainly produce an oversaturated, yellow-blueish picture.

I may be wrong however.

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