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I appear to be in the market for a replacement for my 8-year-old Denon DBT-1713UD network media / blu-ray player. It seems to have given up the ghost and no amount of swapping cables or TVs will get it to output video. There hasn't been an FW update for about six years.

I'll probably get shot down for saying so, but I've considered Denon to be a low-high-end brand, above the likes of Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, LG etc, although they probably share the same components.

Researching the market, it appears the "higher-end" manufacturers all seem to have pulled out of the Blu-ray / DVD player market.

Are they assuming we stream all films these days?
Possibly true for audio, where every (commercial) track ever published is available in some form or another (free too), but not so with films. Why pay Amazon for a film, when the DVD is sitting on the shelf! It's been many years since I have ripped a DVD, but back then, I remember the difficulties in working with the copy protection, not to mention the fact that my computers don't have integrated DVD/Blu-ray drives any more. There're also storage capacity issues.
MP3s provide a massive reduction in file size. Do we have similar conversion ratios for video yet?

In short, I am looking for recommendations for a replacement (system).
Is ripping the way to go (the TV has onboard network streaming capability, although I haven't tried it yet. In the past, systems like Plex have lipsync issues) or buy a lesser-branded Blu-ray player and be done with it?

I've seen recommendations for Oppo Blu-ray. Can I assume they are the same manufacturer that makes those cheap Chinese phones? A UK manufacturer that supports the device with firmware upgrades beyond 2 years would be a bonus.



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You’re pretty much limited to Panasonic, Sony or Pioneer. Panasonic recently culled its cheaper UB450, so you’re looking at either the UB820 or 9000 models. For Sony it’s the 700 or 800. Pioneer offers two models, I believe, but I have no details.


The last blu ray player that Denon manufactured was the DBT-3313 and they have exited the video player market about six years ago now. As above you are now limited to Sony, Panasonic and Pioneer for the main stream market. Most of the units from them will be 4K capable as well.

I wouldn't call Denon down market as they did produce very good players in the DBT-3313 and continue to produce some really top class SACD players. If you want up market units then you will have to look at the Panasonic UB9000 or the Pioneer LX500 at £1000 or did deep and part with £2200 for the Pioneer LX800.

I would only look at the Pioneer models if you have an interest in multi channel SACD at which they excel.


Thank you.

Do you think I stand any chance of getting the Denon repaired? I guess I am assuming 1) parts availability, 2) BER.

Do you guys rip your movies or stream from Netflix / Amazon?

If I was to consider ripping ~300 DVDs, what network A+V streamers would you recommend?

Looking at the likes of Naim, Cambridge Audio, Arcam, etc they only cater for Audio. I guess they are dedicated audio specialists.

I've often wanted to build my own HTPC, but never had the time and they now seem a thing of the past.

I've found good reviews on this site for the Zappiti, which looks as though it will tick my boxes. A real shame about Kaleidescape.

T. I. A.


I know nothing of ripping, like my physical copies of both film and CD/SACDs. Old fart you see. I doubt very much the the old Denon is worth it to repair, the cost could be more than a cheap Panasonic player would cost new.

As for streaming then there are plenty of online companies that will take your money. So many in fact that there is not enough hours in the day to watch them all. From my experience with Sky, Prime and Netflix all of their 4K presentations are no better than a standard blu ray upscaled by a good 4K TV, HDR aside.

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