Blu-ray to DVD conversion - Framerate issue


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Hi all,

I have quite a few blurays that the children like to play. They want to take the movies to the grandparents to play ... you know the scenario.

So I needed a way to convert blurays to DVD. I have experimented a little bit and there are many ways and I have the process under control now.

There is one thing I cannot seem to solve, and this has to do with framerate I guess. The image on the resulting DVDs are not panning smoothly. There is just a little hickup every second.

I guess this has to do with bluray being 23.976fps and DVD being 25fps (PAL).

So my question is simple: what software do I use to create a smooth 25fps output from a bluray input file? Is this even possible? I guess it is as commercial DVDs do not have the problem while all raw footage is filmed in 23.976fps.



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I believe my DVD conversion software automatically outputs 23.976fps content from Blu-rays to NTSC, and they seem to play back fine for me. Have you tried that? Or do you have any particular reason to stick with PAL/25fps? Most PAL equipment will play NTSC fine.


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NTSC is 30 or 29.97fps, right? My conversion programs all either output NTSC of PAL. If PAL gives me the framerate issues then NTSC would probably have the same result, no?

What conversion software are you using?

I am not sure if I can convert to MPEG2 at 23.976fps and put this on a DVD. Perhaps I will try this to see if this can be done ...


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I think it was The FilmMachine I used. You could always do a sample encode using only part of the video and see, rather than wait for the entire movie to convert.


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I had no luck with The Filmmachine. It did not like my input file as it said alle streams must have the same framerate …? I only have a video stream at 23.976fps, a AC3 track, a DTS track and a subtitle stream.

Anyway the reason why I want to stick to PAL is that PAL is 25fps and it does not like 23.976fps. Most software will actually refuse to create a DVD if the video stream is 23.976fps. I have been experimenting with DGPulldown, and I have created an elementary video stream with 12:1 pulldown, meaning this is a way to get PAL to play 23.976fps. However I failed to mux this with the audio stream and make a DVD. For some reason Simple DVD Creator creates a DVD with no sound…?

In that respect NTSC is a lot better system. Apparently with 3:2 pulldown NTSC plays 23.976 material. I actually read that for commercial PAL DVDs they actually speed up the video 24fps -> 25fps. Not sure what they do with the audio to keep the pitch the same. I did not find software that can do this for me.

It means that I have to stick with the software I have. DVDs play fine it is just that there is just a little hickup consistent with the 23.976fps material encoded as 25fps. This is hardly noticeable, only during panning of an image it becomes obvious, but not during action.

Unless some guru can shed som light on how I can get 12:1 pulldown material muxed and wrapped in a DVD compliant structure…?

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