Blu-Ray: The Crow Deluxe Edition (US)


That bitrate is ok as long as it doesn't create problems with the picture. More bitrate does not always mean better picture quality.


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It's missing picture though. I'm slightly dubious of the Beaver review though as it says it has the same commentary as the other discs but it's been said on other forums that it's a new commentary with Alex Proyas.


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If it was shot Academy and then matted to 1.85 there would be extra space all round the intended framing.
Yeah, cause the UK Laserdisc was an open-matte 4x3 job.

Those Beaver screens are even worse than usual, compression artifacts galore.
If someone looked at those and thought they looked better than the Japanese release, a slap to the back of the head. I know the softness is also more than likely a problem with the screens as well, but where's the grain gone?
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Jesus, they didn't half choke this in order to get it onto a BD-25.

Disc Size: 24,566,420,524 bytes
Feature: 18,742,247,424 bytes
Codec: MPEG-4 AVC Video
Total Video Bitrate: 18.99 Mbps

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