Blu-ray player with hdmi & component outs....


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Hi folks,

Im looking to get a player that has both hdmi and component outputs and the LG bd550 has this, however I dont know if they output at the same time or if in the menu settings you have to choose which output is used or not???

Reason i ask is because i will use the hdmi to my projector and the component outs to my tv but dont want to have to swap setting all the time to use 1 or the other.

Also, does the upscaling only happen if using the hdmi output or with it upscale on component too?



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My Pioneer DV400VS does this, but it is DVD only... :)


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My tv only has 1 hdmi input and my PJ only had 1 DVI input, and each only has 1 component input as well, but i have component video switching on the processor, so thats why was asking about the upscaling ability on the component output of a blu-ray player.



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I would look for a dual HDMI equipped player like a Panasonic for example.

The issue with component will be several fold. I think manufacturers have stopped providing them now, so you'll probably have to look at 2nd hand older players, and often the settings differ between the HDMI output and the component with 1080p over component for example being rare.

Also, some Blu-ray discs have something called ICT on them which limits resolution over component to DVD res anyway, so you could well find on some discs (most likely from Fox) is not HD, even if you found a player that did what you're looking for.

A dual HDMI player would probably be the cleanest option.

If your TV's HDMI is already in use, then I would invest in an HDMI switch for it.


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The panasonic only outputs audio from the second hdmi you'll need a hdmi splitter and hdmi to dvi cable. If you also need a hdmi switch as well as a splitter, you'll actually need a hdmi matrix, they can have 4 inputs and 2 outs or whatever, though they are more expensive.
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